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International Franchise Association

CFE candidates must complete at least 2,500 education credits.
No more than 1,500 of these credits may be complete via online courses, video programs, etc.


Individual Viewer *

Franchise Relations in Action

Length: 4 hours 47 minutes

This session will provide franchise executives with fundamental tools and
techniques to strengthen their current franchise relations program and fresh
insights into building a healthy franchise culture with high levels of franchisee
satisfaction. Participants will learn –
• Building and Maintaining a Positive Franchise Culture – The Role of
Leadership, Trust, Cooperation, Transparency and Managing Expectations
• Case studies and examples of how franchisors and franchisees
have worked together to resolve difficult issues.
• Techniques and models for improving the effectiveness of
Franchisee Advisory Councils and other advisory committees,
based on new research and case studies of franchise systems
• Facilitated problem-solving exercises and group discussion

The course is recognized for 200 CFE Education credits. Upon completion of a quiz at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of course completion. $295 (IFA Member), $675 (Non-Member).

Produced By:

IFA Educational Foundation

CFE Education Credits: 200 CFE Education Credits

International Franchise Association